Cover art has long been a discussion point for albums. That’s one of the reasons Green Label has compiled a list of “The Most Iconic Hip Hop Cover Art Of All Time.” 

“When cover art is done well, it can ensnare and engross a potential listener,” the Green Label story says, “and often times can act as a companion piece to the music itself.”

DMX’s cover art for Flesh Of My Flesh Blood Of My Blood is one of the 14 album covers that made the list.

“Never one for subtlety, DMX took it to the next level on Flesh of My Flesh Blood of My Blood,” the Green Label story says. “Against an all-white background, DMX literally took a bath in pig’s blood to create one of Hip Hop’s most shocking and enduring images. The image is an example of DMX’s tendency to play the sacred and profane against one another.”

To view the full list of “The Most Iconic Hip Hop Cover Art Of All Time,” visit Green Label.