Trick Trick has announced that Eminem has sent his record out for mastering. 

“Shady Fans Update; @Eminem Just told me he’s sending the record out for mastering tonight. So hold on. It’s coming,” Trick Trick says on Twitter. 

Prior to this, Trick Trick responded to a fan who said “tell Em to hurry up.” Trick Trick’s reply: “100 nephew!”

In June 2005, Trick Trick spoke about Eminem’s impact on the perception of Detroit Rap.

“I think they look at the D like they would expect the best, because right now, to me, Eminem is the best,” Trick Trick said. “To me. Lyrically, hes untouchable. I dont know not one person can fuck with him. So I think they would expect the best to come from Detroit, since the best came from Detroit.”

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