During an interview with Nessa of KIIS FM, Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar revealed that despite Apple purchasing Beats Electronics for $3 billion last month, Dr. Dre is still “focused on music.” The Top Dawg Entertainment lyricist even confirmed that Dr. Dre is working with him on his follow-up to 2012’s good kid, m.A.A.d city.

He added that Dr. Dre is still in the studio and will continue to be there despite Apple’s acquisition of Beats Music and Beats Electronics.

“One thing about Dre is you can’t take the music away from him no matter how much money he has,” Kendrick said. “He’s always gonna be right there in that studio. That’s before the deal, after the deal. He’s always locked in there. That’s something that I know personally.”

Prior to speaking on Dr. Dre, Kendrick responded to comments both Lupe Fiasco and Troy Ave made criticizing his music.

In response to Lupe’s remarks that he isn’t the best lyrically, K-Dot simply stated that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And as far as Troy Ave’s “weirdo” rapper comments are concerned, Kendrick said that he’s unsure of what a “weirdo” rapper is and expressed his unfamiliarity with Troy Ave.

“Everybody entitled to they opinion. You feel me? I just continue to do what I do,” the rapper said. “But, you know, everybody feel they own aspects of it and how they look at different artists. But I just continue to do what I do.

“I don’t even know what the definition [is]. I never met him [Troy Ave]. I never really focused on his music either,” he added.

Kendrick also clarified rumors about a house he reportedly bought outside of Los Angeles. He says that he did buy the house, but purchased it for investment purposes, and still currently lives in a condo in Los Angeles.

“It’s real, but it’s not my spot. I really like to buy property,” Kendrick said. “Whether it’s apartments. Whether it’s buildings. Whether it’s houses. I like to stay in L.A. I still live in L.A. A small, little apartment condo in L.A. But I like to invest my money in different things rather than just buying things for the moment. Something that can last me a lifetime…And it’s looking right right now. The market value around the outskirts of L.A. is right.”

Kendrick’s interview with KIIS FM can be found below.

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