50 Cent recently expressed his appreciation for Eminem during an interview with Gigwise.

“Em is so special to our culture and no one really gives him the credit for it,” 50 Cent says. “When they cast a film, they find people who are representations of the audience watching, so when you understand who’s actually consuming Hip Hop culture, it’s not the guy who’s in my neighborhood.” 

50 adds that some fans are not sure which artists they like. “But when you asked them if they liked Hip Hop, they would all say Eminem.”

50 also says he’d like to perform in England soon.

“I think Em is going to be doing something at Wembley,” he says. “I’ll see what’s going on and see if I can get in on that.”

In March, 50 spoke about Eminem’s status in Rap.

“Em is really underrated because people have always been talking about him like, ‘The White rapper Eminem’ instead of just ‘the rapper,'” 50 Cent said at the time. “He has so many skills and he’s more hood than so many people out there, people still put the skin color before anything and don’t give him enough credit. It’s like people saying Elvis Presley was only famous because he was White. He had, y’know, the rhythm of James Brown but he had his own thing. He was Elvis. He wasn’t just a White man. Things like that are going to be picked up between Black people and White people and anybody. It doesn’t mean a person isn’t great because they’re influenced by something associated with another race. It doesn’t matter.” 

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