50 Cent has responded to allegations that he was involved in a recent chain snatching of Slowbucks at New York radio station Hot 97’s Summer Jam on June 1. 

“Stop telling TMZ I can keep your chain Boy. I don’t snatch chains,This don’t make no sense.#smsaudio #animalambition,” 50 says in the caption of an Instagram post. 

50 elaborates on this further with the following statements, which appear in the Instagram post’s video.

“Man, you ain’t gonna believe this shit,” 50 Cent says. “I just got confronted by an angry snitch. He was like, ‘Yeah, I’m snitchin’, nigga. And what. SBOE. Snitchin’ Boy On Everything.’ I’m sittin’ there like, ‘Damn, where’d all this come from? I thought you was cool, nigga.'”

50 Cent has been tied to a chain snatching that took place during his performance at Summer Jam 2014. Slowbucks reportedly was robbed during the set. He is launching an investigation against several people, including 50 Cent, according to reports. 

50 Cent has said that he was unaware that Slowbucks had his chain snatched.

“I didn’t even see it,” 50 Cent said. “I was performing. People say everything. I look at MediaTakeOut see rumors and stuff like that. All those different things. But I’ve seen so many things about me that weren’t true that—It’s nothing Ang…People didn’t leave the stage. The excitement of the show left everybody that was on the stage on the stage and additional people added on to it. So, it was like a crowd. It turned into—The music fit it too. It just felt like a park jam. It felt like—When I started I started with ‘Rising To The Top.’ And it was like for Queens it was one of those joints that’s—Nas was like ‘Yooo.’ Lookin like ‘You mothafucka’…It’s all positive. All positive energy.”

50 Cent reportedly wore Slow’s chain during his Summer Jam 2014 set. 

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