Harlem, New York native Cam’ron recently talked with Tim Westwood about various topics including women, music and movies.

When the topic of making money in the music industry came up, Cam’ron said it’s harder these days to make money in music because the younger generation doesn’t want to pay for it.

“With music, you’ve got to find ways to get paid again ’cause all the cool kids in junior high school and high school, they think you’re wack if you pay for music,” he said. “All the cool kids know how to steal it so it has to be something real worth buying for them to get it.”

The Dipset member also said he’s got new music coming out soon and described being on film during the last three years.

“If you don’t see me, believe me, I’m working on something,” Cam’ron said. “I got new music I’m ready to put out so that’s what we doing… Probably the last three years, Queen Latifah and our partner Shakim, they did a movie deal, 10-movie deal with Netflix and they gave me three of the movies,” he said. “One of the movies is called Percentage, we shot that already, that came out and we’re getting ready to shoot the sequel to that.”

Interestingly, the interview included segments from Westwood’s last interview with Dipset in 2003. Cam’ron recently released a song called “Devil” and said during the interview there’s a possibility a video could be shot for it.

Watch the interview below:

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