When Apathy thinks of Father’s Day, one word comes to mind. 

“Sadness,” Apathy says in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX.

The reason for this sadness is because Apathy lost his father two years ago. “I miss my dad so much, it’s crazy,” Apathy says. “Him and I were very close.”

Apathy’s father, who appeared alongside Ap in the “Check to Check” music video the emcee shot in 2011, is also referenced on the track. 

“I’m trying to read between the lines,” Ap raps on the Evidence-produced selection. “Show me how the war’s won / Rich dad, poor dad, I just had the poor one.” 

Ap’s dad was such an important part of his life, the emcee says it’s hard to shake those emotions on a holiday for fathers. 

“I try to not pay attention to Father’s Day,” Apathy says. “It’s only been 2 years since he passed and it’s still really tough for me to deal with.” 

Apathy is presently promoting Connecticut Casual, the emcee’s latest release. Recently, Ap spoke with HipHopDX about the album’s first single, “Martha Moxley (R.I.P.).” “[It’s] out of respect for a young girl whose life was cut far too short, and so people would Google it, and become familiar with the story,” Ap said. “Michael Skakel, who murdered her, was a cousin of the Kennedy family. It was another thread that tied the album concepts together, a dark, tragic, historical Connecticut event.” 

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