Freddie Gibbs may be a seasoned performer, but he says he still feels some jitters before a performance.

“I’m usually super, super nervous before every show,” Gibbs says in a video piece for Myspace. “So I do what I got to do to just stay calm. If I’m nervous, then I know it’s going to be a good show. I’ve been nervous as of late because the shows are getting more and more packed.” 

Gibbs says his mind is able to tune out many people. 

“My mind is really on mute, like all I can think about is getting on stage,” he says. “It don’t really matter who around. Performing, man, it’s exhilarating. It’s good to get that energy out there. I treat it like a heavyweight fight. I feel like I’m going out there fighting George Foreman, so I’m like that. Like I said, I just try to keep the energy up and just take the energy and just bottle it up and just spit it out to the crowd, man. As soon as I hit the stage, it all goes away.”

Gibbs says he sometimes has to offer words of encouragement to himself.

“To get motivated, I tell myself to not fuck up,” he says. “I’ve got to stay sharp on stage and stay energetic. Just make sure I’m energetic up there, just keep the energy going, you know, stay in control on the crowd without all these theatrics and silly stuff. I get nervous because there’s a bunch of emotions combined. You know what I mean? Like I said, I’m scared to fuck up on stage. I know I’m not gonna fuck up, but you know, it’s just I came a long way to get here. I just get jittery going backstage, especially in these sold-out crowds. I’m doing it. It’s a blessing. It’s just me being overexcited. I just smoke a blunt or something like that and I’ll be all right.” 

More from Gibbs’ preparation before hitting the stage is below. 

Freddie Gibbs: Five Minutes to the Stage from Myspace on Myspace.

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