In addition to discussing his newly-released 28 Grams mixtape, Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa also discussed his catalog of music during a recent appearance on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club.

In regards to releasing a mixtape instead of a studio album, the Taylor Gang wordsmith says he was hoping to “own the summer” with 28 Grams and revealed that releasing a great mixtape song would help in doing just that.

Wiz also added that his catalog, which consists of close to a dozen albums and mixtapes, proves that he can’t be placed in the “brand new” category of artists.

“I’mma put my album out later,” Wiz Khalifa said. “I just wanted to really own the summer. And a great song on a mixtape will definitely do that…That’s why I said I know what I’m doing. I’ve made styles before when I was 19. You know what I mean? I just kinda like relaxed and let them go. So, when I go back and use autotune or if I sing a whole song or something like that—Them niggas got that from me anyway. So, that’s just me doing me, having fun. Just experimenting and really being free with your words and stuff like that. Everybody heard Star Power. Everybody heard Flight School. Everybody heard Prince Of The City 2. You niggas know what it is. Don’t let Twitter fans and shit like that confuse you. Like ‘Oh Wiz is this and Wiz is that.’ You can go back and do your homework and listen. That explains everything.

“People don’t understand catalog,” he added. “There’s not many artists with 10 mixtapes and albums and stuff like that that you could listen to. Everybody’s brand new. So, you can’t really like group me up with that whole brand new stigma. I do everything. I been doing it.”

Prior to speaking on his catalog of music, Wiz recalled being arrested at least 20 times and spending anywhere from $300 to half a million dollars in legal fees for each of his arrests.

“It varies,” the rapper said. “Last time it was only 300. When I went to jail in North Carolina, it was three million. Well, I actually paid half a million cash. Yeah, people don’t know that. I been the boss. I paid the cost long time ago. Well, I got locked up. And I got locked up with 10 people and all of our bail was $300,000…The lawyer fee for everybody to get the cases dropped. I got half of it back. And then I got the other half of it back after the case was dropped. But it’s still a lot to go under the bus and count 150 grand cash. It’s a lot.”

Wiz Khalifa’s interview with The Breakfast Club can be found below (via 2DopeBoyz).

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