Pharrell, who has been working with Snoop Dogg on the Doggfather’s upcoming album, says the effort is slated to be a successful one. 

“Snoop’s album is better than mine,” Pharrell says in an interview with Los Angeles radio station Power 106’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood. “It’s Snoop Dogg. You’re gonna bug out from the approach of what we did. We’re almost done. The songs are done. Now I’m just adding the finishing touches…But dude. Snoop’s album is better than mine.”

The album is slated to feature a theme or concept that Pharrell would like to keep a secret for now.  

“If I say the references, I’ll just give it away,” he says. “I’m so proud of Snoop. It’s so jammin’…It’s one of those things where it’s so obvious that you kind of overlook it. It’s so obvious…But it feels so good.” 

When asked if the album is “Snoop’s Grammy,” by host Big Boy, Pharrell says “Yeah.” 

Snoop Dogg and Pharrell have collaborated on several hits, including “Beautiful.” 

Recently, P spoke about his Snoop collaborations. 

“Oh my god, I can’t wait,” Pharrell said. “We gonna put this on the schedule ASAP. We have to, because seriously, the way you move culture… any other person would have suffered really severe consequences with your affiliation with weed. They would’ve suffered. But because you’ve always delivered such a disarming connotation and essence behind your music and behind your intention as a human being, the law fucks with you, but they don’t fuck with you the way they really could… I think people can see you’re a leader.”

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