Tyler, The Creator recently addressed several topics in an interview with Larry King, including his stance on offensive language. When asked why he uses certain words, Tyler says, “it’s pretty natural.” 

“I don’t really think twice on it,” he says. “I don’t know. It’s just words, man.” 

Tyler, The Creator also has a chance to provide his perspective on the way “nigga” is used. 

“I grew up in a different time to where that word is just a word,” he says. “It has no effect. But it is a double standard because certain people would get offended if someone who doesn’t have the skin tone of me says it, which is really weird. Then, they’re keeping the original meaning of that alive…It’s weird that a lot of people still get upset with that. You give certain words power.”

When asked if the term “boy” would bother him, Tyler says it wouldn’t disturb him “at all.” “I wouldn’t care,” he adds. “Alright. That’s good for you.” 

King also asks Tyler to explain his stance on the possibility of an openly-gay rapper. 

“Why does that shit matter?” Tyler says. “If he wanna fuck dudes or whatever, why do we care? That’s so fucking crazy, right?” 

Tyler, The Creator Explains Lack Of Anger Towards Father

Beyond these topics, Tyler was also asked if he is upset at his absent father. 

“Nah, dude, I’m stoked,” he says. “I think if I had a dad, I would have went the normal college route like a lot of other people. I’m so stoked my life panned out how it was. I just decide to rap about it to seem like I’m sad.”

When asked if he would like to meet his father, Tyler says, “One day, I guess. I don’t really think about it. I don’t really care. I’m fine. Not even being passive aggressive.” 

Tyler posted several Instagram posts about his Larry King interview, which was released in several segments. Three of those segments are below, along with the Instagram posts. 


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