Lord Jamar responded yesterday (June 3) to a video of Justin Bieber that was released Sunday (June 1). In the video, the singer asks why Black people are afraid of chain saws and uses the N-word in his answer to his question. Someone in the clip can be heard asking him not to say it. 

“Fuck Justin Bieber’s punk ass! That being said do I think he’s a racist for some shit he said when he was 15? …Not necessarily,” Lord Jamar tweeted yesterday.

The Brand Nubian rapper wrote in another tweet, “Imagine someone held u accountable for some dumb shit u said when u were 15?”

A third tweet said, “I have a bigger problem with Bieber’s active participation in the fleecing of BLACK CULTURE than I do with some adolescent joke.”

Today (June 4), a new video of Bieber using the N-Word and singing about joining KKK was released.

In April, Lord Jamar said that Bieber is “leeching off Black music.”

“I ain’t even as mad at him as a lot people are,” Lord Jamar said of Bieber at the time. “He’s a little fuckin kid…Do you know how much of a fuckin asshole you’d be at 18, 19 with however many millions of dollars and bitches on ya dick and all that type of shit? Are you kidding me…What I’m saying is the little mothafucka is young. Look who he got around him. He got a bunch of fuckin yes-men and people who’s trying to leech off of shit. But then that in turn is like karma because he’s a leech. He’s leeching off black music. Like a lot of other white artists are doing. But listen to his whole sound. Listen to who he’s trying to appeal to and influence. He got that white fan base, but he’s making essentially black music.”

Lord Jamar’s tweets from yesterday are as follows:

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