Columbus, Georgia rapper Ca$h Out recently revealed what he would have done differently if he were in T.I.’s place the night the Atlanta lyricist’s physical encounter with Floyd Mayweather took place.

While speaking with Baltimore-based radio station 92 Q Jams, Ca$h Out says he would have instead approached the woman he was seeing rather than the other man in the situation.

“That’s real man to man though,” he said. “You know? You handle that situation with your lady. You never approach the man. You feel me? And be like—especially if y’all friends. Or if y’all was friends before. And you know how Floyd live. That’s just how he live. The ladies want to be around. So, he got his own lady. So, you know, I respect the situation. But I can’t go into it because I don’t know what happened. I’m not finna question no man about—I’mma question the girl. Or I’m just not gon’ deal with you no more. That’s what it is. I’m not questioning none of my patnas. None of that. T.I. claim Pimp Squad Click, so he know what it is.”

While appearing on 92 Q Jams, Ca$h Out later detailed his fall out with his former label home, Epic Records. According to the rapper, his conflict with the label arose as they were picking records to follow “Cashin’ Out.”

“Conflict between picking records or whatever,” Ca$h Out said. “We came in. We brought ‘Cashin’ Out’ to the table. It did what it did. So, we had wanted to go with ‘Hold Up’ featuring Wale because it was already going crazy in the streets and in Atlanta. On the radio and everything. So, they wanted to go another direction. And once they seen it didn’t work then tried to come back to ‘Hold Up’ at the last minute, which we paid for the videos, everything…And after that it was just a big conflict of ‘What we gon’ go with?’ When we should have just stuck with the strategy of us bringing the record to the table. Unless we just fumbled, but we didn’t fumble. You feel me? We brought a number one record across the board.”

The Southern wordsmith is currently signed to E1 and will reportedly release his debut studio album, Patience later this year.

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