Those in the 50 Cent-led G-Unit are continuing to have quite the month. The group, which consists of 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and Young Buck, reunited on stage during the Summer Jam music festival over the weekend. And following their onstage reunion, the group released a new record titled “Nah I’m Talking Bout.”

XXL magazine reports that the group is now in the process of working on a new studio album. While at an after-party for the screening of “Power,” which is executive produced by 50 Cent, the publication caught up with members of G-Unit to discuss the album.

“We got no dates, we working,” Young Buck said. “[We] in the studio. Stay tuned.”

“Work in progress. We just put out the new freestyle today. Check it out,” Lloyd Banks added.

50 Cent also chimed in on talks of a new project from G-Unit and reuniting with his fellow G-Unit members. He revealed that the morale among members is great and added that “they all ready to work.”

“Being able to bring everybody out to actual shows is not difficult for me,” 50 Cent said. “I can do it. I have a compass, a moral compass that comes from my corner on 134th Street. We supposed to behave and respond to each other a certain way. We supposed to hustle to eat. We supposed to get what we supposed to get, not have things handed to us because nobody never gave me nothing. It may be my fault for enabling them at points.

“I expected them to continue to get what they want immediately,” he added. “And then now having everybody back in the circle, the morale is great. They all ready to work. They been on ice long enough. So now you should expect [something]. You already got something new today. It didn’t take but a few hours after the show. Meltdown, it’s on now. It don’t take as much out of me as it takes for me to create a solo song than to create and participate in a G-unit record. We have so many moving parts on it and everybody got to show up.”

50 Cent’s optimistic words for G-Unit serve as a far cry from the commentary he provided on the group earlier this year. On numerous occasions, the Queens rapper spoke on enabling those in G-Unit.

“[I got] to the point where I was writing the music,” he said during an interview with HardknockTV in May. “Helping them with their albums, putting the right choruses and production around them so they could make the album right. I think that there are certain things you do where you enable people and they feel like you are supposed to do that. This is how we do it, versus they appreciate you actually doing it. So, I made that mistake also.”

Additionally, when questioned about the possibility of a G-Unit reunion during an interview with Sirius Hip Hop Nation in January, 50 Cent responded with a “probably not.”

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