Towards the end of Wiz Khalifa’s recent interview with New York City radio station Hot 97, the Pittsburgh rapper made a big reveal about the remix to his record, “We Dem Boyz.” According to Wiz, the remixed version of the Detail-produced record will feature Nas.

While speaking on the guest appearance from the Queensbridge lyricist, Wiz revealed that he chose Nas because he wants his generation to see the qualities Nas boasted in his early years and throughout his career.

“Oh, the remix is gonna be crazy,” Wiz Khalifa said. “The ‘We Dem Boyz’ remix. I could tell you guys. I got Nas. Because you know why I got Nas, man. Nas is the original bottle popper, designer, clothes rocker, weed smoker, young, fly nigga. He was doing all that, spitting. He was like putting that out there in a way niggas never heard that before. And I feel like our generation they need to re-see that from Nas. And like know him from that.”

The Taylor Gang Records founder also spoke on his desire to create music that’s a combination of Hip Hop and alternative. He went on to credit today’s younger music fans for their ability to be multifaceted when it concerns other genres of music.

“I like what you said as far as like heavy,” he said. “You know what I’m saying? As far as the cross between Hip Hop and alternative. I just want to take it there and really give people that energy. It’s just like the youth, the kids, they’re so multifaceted where they listen to EDM. There’s straight rock kids who listen to like alternative or underground. And then they’ll turn around and listen to Young Thug. You know what I mean? Like they love him. They’re right behind him. So, just to bring those two worlds together is exactly what I want to do…It’s like too with music and the game and the way that things shift, I gotta kinda always find my place in the game too.”

There’s no word yet on when Wiz Khalifa’s “We Dem Boyz (Remix)” featuring Nas will be released. His interview with Hot 97 comes days after the rapper appeared at Summer Jam and also released his 28 Grams mixtape, which includes close to 30 songs.

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