Late night talk show host Arsenio Hall was asked to recall one of his past interviews during a newly-published interview with Vlad TV. The interview Hall was asked to speak on was his conversation with rapper Vanilla Ice decades ago.

Hall was specifically asked about his uncharacteristically stern demeanor with Vanilla Ice during his appearance on “The Arsenio Hall Show.” He revealed that his demeanor during the interview stemmed from “some intentional lies” he came across while researching Vanilla Ice for his appearance on the show.

“Well, you know, it’s interesting,” Hall said. “There are some elements of that—Let’s break it down. I’m not sure if I was poking fun at him as much because to be totally honest with you I wasn’t feeling funny. I had had a long, hard day. And I probably wasn’t feel liking teasing anyone. I had had some things go on in the research process with him. And I had been misled with some information that was about to go out to my audience that night. Some things that were untrue. Some intentional lies. And I thought I was being used.”

The talk show host added that he wasn’t having “a warm and fuzzy day” during that particular interview and was also “pissed.”

“My audience knows that if I say it or if I’m dealing with something, I at least believe it or I’m trying to be an honest man,” he said. “And it started in the middle of the day when I was given this statistic about him winning a motocross competition or something. And I found out it was untrue. And this was untrue. And that was untrue. And it just was a confrontational day. So, I probably didn’t deal with Vanilla Ice in the way that people are accustomed to me dealing with guests. Cause I’m that warm and fuzzy guy, but it wasn’t a warm and fuzzy day. So, I don’t think I was teasing him. I think I was pissed.”

Arsenio Hall’s commentary on his past interview with Vanilla Ice comes days after it was announced that “The Arsenio Hall Show” on CBS was canceled.

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