A fight reportedly took place on stage during 50 Cent’s Summer Jam 2014 performance.

The fight reportedly involved Slowbucks. XXL reports that Slow was upset that security guards didn’t allow him to be on stage during 50 Cent’s performance.

The publication cites a source who says that Slow has “problems” with a 50 Cent associate. The site also reports that Fabolous, who appeared with 50 Cent on stage, and Hot 97 radio personality Ebro Darden, helped Slow calm down.

AllHipHop reports that Slowbucks was robbed during the altercation. 

Ddotomen reports that 50 Cent wore a Slowbucks chain during his set. “Curtis and Slowbucks have been at odds due to an ongoing spat involving Fiddy’s son Marquise,” the site says. 

50 Cent’s performance at the annual Hot 97 event made headlines for other reasons. The rapper’s set included a G-Unit reunion

A video of the altercation is below.

AllHipHop also released footage of the brawl with a close up. 

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