Calvin Klein Bacote, who says he knew Jay Z in the 1980s, was recently asked if he believes a Jay Z line off “Dead Presidents II,” a track off the rapper’s 1996 album, Reasonable Doubt.

On the song, Jay Z says he was “still spending money from ’88” at the time of the track’s recording. Bacote says he doesn’t doubt Jay’s claim.  

“Would you doubt him?” Bacote says in an interview with AllHipHop. “I wouldn’t doubt him. I don’ tknow how many shoe boxes he got stacked up. I know how many I had stacked up. If he said it, I believe it. You have to kind of look at his history. How many times have you really caught him in a lie? You have to give him the benefit of the doubt. If he said it, then you have to believe it.” 

In May 2014, Bacote spoke about his relationship to Jay Z.

“I met Jay in I want to say the mid-80s, when I came home after ’86 but we never come crossing paths in the game until, I want to say maybe late ’86, ’87, around that time,” Bacote said when asked about meeting Jay Z. “The lyric from The Black Album, ‘I’ve never felt so alive, riding shotgun in Klein’s green five,’ that came from a case we both caught in ’89.” 

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