Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave has responded to comments fellow lyricist 50 Cent made about Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo being hype men for the Crown Heights emcee. While speaking with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Troy called 50 Cent’s comments about his fellow G-Unit artists “wack.”

In addition to labeling 50 Cent’s remarks “wack,” Troy Ave also questioned why Banks appearing in one of his music videos would make the rapper a hype man.

“As far as relationship, I don’t really have a relationship with him [50 Cent],” Troy said. “You know, I seen him. He gave it up, ‘You doing your thing out here. I like how you sound, what you do.’ I guess I got his support some type of way. But, I mean, you know how that go. What one man say or do don’t hinder on my success. I’m still doing my thing regardless.

“I think that was wack,” Troy added when asked about 50 Cent’s hype men comments. “You know what I mean? But that’s they personal issues. I don’t be really having an opinion on other people’s personal issues. I think it was wack. That is kinda his opinion. That don’t make no sense. But I think it was wack. I wouldn’t have said that about my people. But I don’t know what they got going on. Lloyd Banks definitely in my new video. And I don’t feel like they was hype men. I feel like they was doing what you supposed to do.”

It was just last month when 50 Cent called Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, Troy Ave’s hype men during an interview with Hot 97 and declared that, “That’s not a shot. They’re there as the supporting cast.”

While speaking with The Breakfast Club, Troy Ave also denied being standoffish during the photo shoot for XXL magazine’s 2014 Freshman cover. He says he was cordial with everyone on set and chopped it up with his fellow freshmen, but did recall calling Chance The Rapper a “weirdo.”

“I don’t think everybody weirdoes,” he said. “It’s a few weirdoes on there, but that don’t mean they can’t coexist. Like you can be a weirdo and still make good music. I got no problem with anybody. It’s rap music business. I don’t care about all that…I was chopping it up with mad people. It wasn’t like—It was ‘Troy Ave, I mess with you.’ ‘Yo, what’s up my G. Aight? I mess with you too.’ I ain’t used to being in that type of environment with a bunch of artists and stuff like that…XXL, man, I was not standoffish. I was doing my own thing.”

Late last year, Troy Ave referred to Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, and Flatbush Zombies as “weirdo” rappers.

“Yeah, Kanye’s a weirdo. It’s a lot of rappers that’s weirdoes…I like a lot of Kendrick Lamar’s records too. It’s a lot of weirdo rappers that’s out—It’s mad weirdo rappers. Y’all don’t understand it,” he said, while appearing on Hot 97 last November.

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