Miss Info recently discussed 50 Cent’s ban from Hot 97’s “Summer Jam” with HotNewHipHop

“I think that even for this year, there’s so many back stories, really rich back stories from 50,” the site says. “This is his first time being on the Summer Jam stage since he was banned, and we all remember very vividly when he was banned, and chairs being thrown and the craziness…So it’s like, what is he gonna do?” 

In 2004, 50 Cent was involved in an altercation that involved chair throwing at the Summer Jam event. 

50 Cent’s performance isn’t the only one Miss Info discusses. 

“And at the same time, Nicki [Minaj] coming back, it’s sort of a redemption story there, too because of the controversy last time she was in the line-up,” Info says. “There’s a lot of really interesting things that could play out.”

In 2012, Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg criticized Nicki Minaj. Minaj and Lil Wayne were upset by this. Recently, Rosenberg explained the comments. 

“I thought she was really good, in fact, I thought she was the total package,” Rosenberg said recently. “The year before it all happened, I pulled her aside at Summer Jam [2011] and I said, ‘Hey, I think you could be the greatest female artist of all time, the greatest female rapper of all time. And I just want you to know in thinking that, I’m going hold you to a high standard so I probably will say things about you.’

“Starships is a blatant pop song so I didn’t like the song,” he added. “In the moment it felt like, you’re a Hip Hop star, why would you do this? This is not for us. When core Hip Hop artists make pop songs it upsets me because it can be a moment that blurs and messes up Hip Hop.”

More from this interview is available below. 

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