Los Angeles’ Power 106 hosted its annual PowerHouse concert last Saturday (May 17) and before his set with Isaiah Rashad, ScHoolboy Q talked with Rap-Up TV about some recent happenings.

When asked about his break from smoking weed, the L.A. native said he wanted to stop smoking for a while as more of an experiment.

“It’s something I wanted to do,” ScHoolboy Q said. “I quit over there just to see if I was a slave of it. I was able to quit. ‘Cause the weed was so bad, it was like might as well not smoke it. I felt like I did right.” 

Q also said he’s got some of his future projects mapped out including the titles and some of the concepts he plans to roll with.

“Got two of my next albums titled and concepts of how I want to attack and how I want to put certain things to the light.” Oxymoron largely featured Q rapping about his daughter however he says future work may feature other family members. “I haven’t even talked about my mom yet. I left that out my album for other albums. I never talked about my father. Just saving certain things for different albums and concepts.”

Finally, ScHoolboy Q was asked about the long-rumored Black Hippy album, to which he replied that the album hasn’t been started yet and that they “ain’t do shit. Not one song.”

Watch the full interview below: 

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