Lil Boosie says coming home from prison has given him a different perspective on his career. 

“I’d heard my buzz had grown, but there’s a difference between hearing it and seeing these Instagrams and Free Boosie tattoos,” Boosie says in an interview with XXL. “I feel like Tupac because when he came home, it was his time. I feel like it’s my time now.”

Recently, the rapper said his upcoming Touchdown 2 Cause Hell album is set to be the best double disc since Tupac’s All Eyez On Me

In April 2014, Boosie addressed comparisons to Tupac

“I feel Tupac [is] Tupac and Boosie [is] Boosie,” he said. “I think people do that because we both have heartfelt music that touch people heart. We both have similarities. I guess we both got in trouble, too, but I just feel it’s real music and a pleasure to be given that credit, but Tupac [is] Tupac and Boosie [is] Boosie.”

Boosie’s time in prison also served another purpose, according to the Louisiana rapper.

“What I’ve been through just gives me more stories to tell,” he says in the more recent XXL piece. “I’ve got a drive for success in me now. I want to show people that you can’t stop me,” he says. “You can’t stop me, man.”

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