During a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill addressed comments fellow artist Kid Cudi made about rap during an appearance on “The Arsenio Hall Show” weeks ago.

Prior to sharing his thoughts on Cudi’s comments, Meek spoke on what he feels is a war against street rappers. He revealed that despite the war against street music, there are artists, including Lil Boosie and Jay Z, who are trying to keep it alive.

And in regards to Cudi’s remarks, Meek says rappers shouldn’t be told what they should or shouldn’t rap about.

“The game be like trying to bounce the street rappers out,” he said. “It’s like bad right now. It’s kinda coming back. Boosie just came home. Hov just jumped on a real street record. Meek Mill back in effect. About to come with this new, second album…I come from DMX, Jay Z, Ja Rule, 50 Cent, Nas, all that era right there…I seen Kid Cudi say ‘Yeah, they rap about money, cars, and hoes, and all this stuff.’ And I’m like ‘Bro, we don’t tell y’all what to rap about.’ If he choose to rap about sniffing coke I ain’t gonna say nothing about him rapping about that. J. Cole wanna rap about college. I might wanna hear the experience of college. I never been to college. You know what I’m saying? Rap is rap, man. It’s about how you putting them words together. How you making them flows sound on that beat. And how you making good music. You can’t say Tupac your favorite rapper if you ain’t trying to hear nobody talk about the streets.”

During an appearance on “The Arsenio Hall Show” in March, Kid Cudi stated that “the braggadocio, money, cash, hoes” raps in Hip Hop is holding back the culture.

Meek also spoke on the advice he received from Jay Z about jumping on singles with “bigger beats.”

The Philly lyricist later revealed that he was willing to pay Rihanna up to $200,000 to appear on his new single, “I Don’t Know,” which currently includes a guest appearance from singer Paloma Ford.

“It’s Meek Milly all over again but it’s just on bigger beats, man,” Meek said while speaking on his new single. “I had a conversation with Hov. He like ‘You got to spit. Always do you. Just pick bigger beats sometimes. You know what I’m saying? Don’t always think trap beat. Don’t think super Hip Hop beat. Think bigger sometimes’…I be trying to go for the kill. I was tryna get like Rihanna or one of them on my single. I was trying to give up like 200 cash. Couldn’t really get in touch with her. So, I ran with Paloma.”

With his new album, Dreams Worth More Than Money on the way, Meek spoke on what fans can expect on his sophomore album. According to the rapper, he’ll have more of a “contained flow” on the LP.

“It’s more contained now,” the Maybach Music Group rapper said. “You know what I’m saying? I’m still screaming loud on a lot of my tracks. I got that contained flow now when I’m talking to ‘em. More like you can hear everything more. You can—It’s more clearer. You know how I was always fast rapping. Super-fast flow. Everything is more—It’s growth to my music. And I can feel it myself. Like when you listen to your music.”

Dreams Worth More Than Money is slated for release before the year is up and according to Meek Mill, the album will include guest appearances from Lil Boosie and a handful of other artists.

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