50 Cent denies rumors that he purposely missed his son Marquise Jackson’s graduation, according to TMZ

A Facebook account, which reportedly belongs to 50 Cent’s son, critiqued the emcee for his absence.  

“Yea I broke down. I was really excited to see my pops at my graduation but he never showed up smh. My sister and mama is always there for me just know that you wasn’t. I did it without you,” the account said recently. 

Sources close to 50 Cent say the rapper was intentionally blocked from attending the graduation by Marquise’s mother. 50 Cent reportedly says he was never told when the graduation would take place or where the ceremony would be held. 

The event was reportedly held at a private school in Atlanta, which is where Marquise attended. 50 Cent reportedly pays the tuition. 

50 Cent was at a New York City charity event last weekend, according to TMZ

In 2013, 50 Cent spoke about how his son views him. “He has, I don’t know if you should call it, a fear of me,” 50 Cent said at the time. “‘Cause it’s like, his mother will traditionally say, ‘You wait ’till your father finds out.”

AllHipHop reports that the Marquise Jackson post came from a fake Facebook account. 

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