Billboard has listed”The 10 Best GIFs of the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.”

“From the red carpet to the main stage, the 2014 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday (May 18) in Las Vegas was packed with memorable moments,” Billboard says of its list. “King of Pop Michael Jackson somehow rocked the house. Ariana Grande made a case for why she may be princess of the genre. And Miley Cyrus rocked the house without actually being in the house or performing her own song.”

The list includes the following items: (Hologram) Michael Jackson on His Throne,Justin Timberlake Dancing Because He Won (Big!),Katy Perry Shows Off Her Balloons,Miley Cyrus Bangs for the Beatles,Ariana Grande Struts Front & Center,Iggy Azalea is a “Fancy” Cheerleader,Shakira Gets Blown Away on “Empire,”Nicki Minaj’s New Single has a P-licious Title,Lorde Scores on “Tennis Court,”John Legend and Wife Pose for a Selfie.

For a full breakdown of the event’s winners and performers, click here.

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