CeeLo’s jeweler, Avianne & Co., has denied allegations that the company produces fake jewelry after being featured on FakeWatchBusta’s Instagram account, according to TMZ

The company says CeeLo’s watch, which was featured on FakeWatchBusta, is not a fake. They would like an apology from the account. The company has also sent the account holder a cease and desist letter.

In its post, FakeWatchBusta says the following of the watch: 

I really hope #CeeLoGreen said “HELL NO!” when he saw the ugliest custom fake #Panerai watch in the world … The crown guard must have been removed with a hammer and then reattached upside down.

The post which features CeeLo has been taken down from the Instagram page. 

The FakeWatchBusta account holder recently spoke about why he created the profile.

“I started calling out some regular accounts on Instagram for fun, you know, just a dude in his 20’s that is fronting like he bought a Rolex Submariner to his followers and tagging #Rolex #Millionaire #Money and that sort of thing,” he said. 

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