Game, who recently spoke about racism in Los Angeles night clubs, says he’s resolved the issues with some of the clubs he questioned. 

“After having a long & positive meeting today with @mrtoxicdayparty & the @lasfinestonline team…. We have privately settled the matter,” he says on Twitter. 

The rapper also says the issue is not completely settled with everybody. 

“2ndly it was the Hollywood division of the LAPD specifically who were threatening club owners & promoters with closing clubs if black entertainers or athletes were allowed in their clubs. #RacismIsNotAWeapon #WeWillFightThisLegally,” he says.

Yesterday (May 17), it was reported that Game felt some of the clubs in Los Angeles were discriminating against minorities

“Racism is, I guess, still alive,” Game said. “The place where they do Toxic, which is Club Lure, is meeting with the LAPD and I guess the LAPD is having these town hall meetings. They don’t want minorities again, Blacks, athletes, in their clubs.

“At the end of the day, me and my crew alone spent maybe $250,000 last year in Toxic, just that club,” he added. “So, I don’t really know what’s up, what I’m gonna do about it. I talked to my lawyer yesterday and he was pretty upset about it. He’s looking for whoever is issuing that threat. They’re saying they’re gonna shut clubs down if they let rappers, athletes, minorities in. How do you do that? They’re saying you can’t have any celebrities on your flyer or let any big celebrities promote the club or they’re threatening to shut down the club.”  

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