Ma$e, who is prepping his upcoming album, Now We Even, says he has five Rap acts on his Mount Rushmore. 

“One, Biggie,” he says, according to XXL. “Two, N.W.A. Three, Nas…Nas is one of the illest. Four [is Lil Wayne]…I like No Ceilings Weezy…I like Weezy when he’s high. Five it’s a tie between…Nah, it’s not a tie…I’ma go with Hov. I wouldn’t say Em because the way Eminem rap…there were all types of niggas who rapped like that who couldn’t get on the radio….same rapid flow never got put in that light.” 

None of the acts listed in Ma$e’s Mount Rushmore are confirmed guests on the rapper’s upcoming Now We Even collection. However, he has confirmed a handful of emcees. So far, Ma$e says the project is slated to feature Drake, Puff Daddy, Cam’ron and Meek Mill. The album is also set to feature a Ma$e his fans became introduced to in the rapper’s 1997 debut album, Harlem World. When asked how he’s changed since then, Ma$e says there are actually many similarities.

“Storyline is still the same,” he says. “Making it amongst people who thought we couldn’t. It’s definitely not gonna be no Welcome Back album. It’s gonna be some of everything.” 

In the interview, Ma$e also cleared up rumors of a feud between him and J. Cole. 

“Me and J.Cole don’t have no history,” he says. “We just want to be brilliant…no issues. I’m focused. I might want him on the album.” 

Ma$e announced Now We Even in October 2013.

Ma$e released several albums through Bad Boy Entertainment before leaving the imprint, including 1997’s Harlem World, 2000’s Double Up and 2004’s Welcome Back. Between the last two albums, Ma$e left music to focus on becoming a pastor.

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