This week, Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z was at the center of many conversations. The news story was also at the center of HipHopDX’s most popular stories of the week. Jay Z being attacked by Solange Knowles was the week’s most popular with Solange Knowles’ fake Twitter apology coming in second place and 50 Cent’s voiceover of the footage of Solange and Jay Z coming in third. Here are the week’s top stories. 

Jay Z Attacked By Solange Knowles, Footage Released 

Jay Z was attacked by Solange Knowles inside of an elevator as the two made their way out of a Met Gala after-party. The two were joined in the elevator by Beyonce and a security guard. In the tape, Solange Knowles attacks Jay Z while Beyonce stands beside her husband. Solange punches and kicks Jay Z throughout the footage, which was released by a The Standard Hotel employee who was later fired for selling the footage to TMZ for $250,000. Footage of the fight is below. 

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Solange Knowles’ Twitter Explanation Regarding Jay Z Attack Confirmed Fake 

Soon after footage of the Solange/Jay Z altercation was public, many wondered what sparked the attack. Perhaps to capitalize on what the public wanted, someone created an altered screenshot of an alleged Solange Knowles Twitter update. The fake Twitter post said the following regarding the altercation: “he tried the right one.I keep telling yall that nigga ain’t bout that life. u hit my sis I hit u hoe. talk what you know! y’all don’t know [expletive],” the screenshot says. Solange Knowles’ representative confirmed this was a fake Twitter post. 

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50 Cent Addresses Jay Z Being Attacked By Solange Knowles, Releases Voiceover Of Footage

The original Jay Z and Solange video features no sound. 50 Cent used this and created his own voiceover of the altercation, pretending to be Solange Knowles. “Now what was that slick shit you sayin’?” 50 Cent says, seemingly pretending to be Solange in the clip. “Nah, fuck that Marcy shit, nigga, this Houston…Get the fuck off me. Gon’ get your ass kicked, nigga. Don’t never in your life try to…Try to play me with your fuck shit, I will fuck you up, Jay. I will fuck you up.” 50 Cent later deleted this video.

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