Dr. Dre’s son, Curtis Young, recently spoke about his father’s finances when asked about the rapper-producer being a billionaire

“He took it to another level in Hip Hop,” Young said to TMZ. “I’m proud of him. A lot of people ain’t gon’ ever reach that. I don’t know how it is to wake up and to be the first richest rapper in the business to reach a million dollars…a billion dollars, my bad, a billion dollars. You’ll never see that.” 

“The B stands for billi,” he added. “I knew he was gonna do it and I’m proud of him. Much power to him. He on the rise, man. He might be a trillionaire. You never know.”

Nevertheless, Young says “that’s his money” when asked if he’ll request cash from his father. “I’m ’bout to fly coach, man,” he says. “I’m hungry. It’s all good though.”

Dr. Dre also appeared to confirm the deal when he filmed a short clip with Tyrese following the news reports of the deal. 

“The first billionaire in Hip Hop right here from the motherfucking West Coast,” Dre says in the clip.

Some, including White, Weld & Co Securities Managing Director, Corey Davis, have said prematurely celebrating the deal could “complicate” the situation.

According to initial reports, Apple was set to purchase Beats Electronics for $3.2 billion. It was reported that the sale of the company owned by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine would make Dr. Dre approximately $1 billion. 

Beats and Apple have not confirmed the potential deal. 

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