Queens rapper 50 Cent has once again addressed his confrontation with music executive Steve Stoute at a recent basketball game, but this time the G-Unit helmsman commented on Stoute being “a good business person,” during his conversation with Fuse TV’s Esteban Serrano.

50 Cent also recalled a meeting he had with Stoute years ago, a meeting he’s addressed in a handful of recent interviews this year, and also spoke on the conversation he had with Stoute following their confrontation at a New York Knicks game in February.

The rapper then playfully added that Stoute has the ability to make things happen by merely opening his mouth.

“He’s a good business person, right? I had a conversation with him after that, following that situation,” 50 Cent said. “I always felt like we didn’t have communications following a meeting that I had with him. And it felt like he just wanted confirmation of what he thought was going on on the street…When I’m approaching him I’m saying ‘If it’s a problem then let it be that. That’s the part I’m good at.’ It’s when you identify with who you actually are. Cause right now you being confronted with it. So, it’s like ‘Say it now.’ He was on the air and he said ‘Well, now that he’s not with an actual record company, maybe he can get the record played.’ Now it’s playing Steve. See how your mouth makes things happen…The more he talks the more things go my way.”

With his fifth studio album, Animal Ambition due out on June 3, 50 Cent also took time to speak on “Smoke,” one of several collaborations featured on the LP.

“The first time I worked on that song it was for Trey,” he said. “Like we worked on the chorus a few times. I changed the chorus around a couple times. And then the Trey vocals came back and I was like ‘Yo, what do you think if I actually write this record from my perspective?’ And he was like ‘Alright, you can give it a try.’ Trey, his music, it’ll sit there for so long that it’s like—it’s hit music playing…I don’t care when the producer made the track. Some of the tracks I rap to on Animal Ambition is two, three years old. And it’s like ‘I don’t care that you had a good idea three years ago that wasn’t right at that moment, but is the right thing to do right now.’”

Lastly, 50 Cent spoke briefly on his upcoming appearance at the Hot 97 Hip Hop festival, Summer Jam. The wordsmith didn’t share any specifics about his headlining performance, but did reveal that he’s armed with a plan and is aware of the need for a strong presentation.

“They let me back…Radio stations they got a separate studio for me to go to to go be on the radio,” the rapper said. “They got like—Summer Jam I’ve had memorable moments. And I have a colorful background…I’m not even gonna act like I don’t have a plan. It’s not right. I’ve been already on this one. Cause it’s important and it marks those periods, the times. I want the presentation to be strong. Impressionable enough to where they’ll be looking forward to what comes next from me.”

Other artists scheduled to perform at Summer Jam this year include Nicki Minaj, Nas, The Roots, and Wiz Khalifa. The annual music festival is set to take place at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on June 1.

50 Cent’s interview with Fuse TV can be found below (via AllHipHop).

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