BuzzFeed has compiled “All The Current Theories About Jay Z, Solange, And Beyonce,” a list that includes several stories that have been published regarding Solange attacking Jay Z.  

“Here’s a roundup of more updates (read: theories) on the Beyonce/Solange/Jay Z mess,” the publication says. “Can you believe just one month ago the sisters were dancing at Coachella, happy as ever?” 

BuzzFeed notes the following in its list:  

Jay ditching Bey to go to Rihanna’s after-party.
• A claim that Bey and Jay are “used to” this type of behavior from Solange.
• Solange deleting all photos of Beyonce from her Instagram.
• This verse Instagrammed by Bey the morning after the incident.
Rachel Roy being yelled at by Solange before the elevator incident.
• Wendy Williams thinks Jay hooked up with Rachel Roy back in the day and bragged about it at the Met Gala.
• A report that Beyonce stormed out of Roberta’s pizza place on Saturday night.
• Bey and Jay sitting courtside at last night’s Brooklyn Nets game.
A fake Twitter response from Solange.

Yesterday (May 13), another list, “4 Ways Of Looking At The Solange/Jay Z Fight Footage,” was posted by The Atlantic. To read this list, which features different perspectives on the incident, click here

Today, Beyonce posted several Instagram updates, including images with Rihanna and Solange. To see Beyonce’s images with Solange, click here. To view Beyonce’s photograph with Rihanna, click here

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