Judi James, a body language expert, recently reacted to the video clip of Solange assaulting Jay Z.

“There is a kind of law among siblings that you protect them and Beyonce’s lack of reaction is amazing,” James says to DailyMailOnline. “It suggests that Beyonce either agreed with her sister’s point of view or she was completely obsessed with protecting her brand.”

James says there’s another indicator in Beyonce’s body language during the attack.

“The singer’s lack of physical reaction implies that she has in all likelihood witnessed this type of behavior from Solange before—which is why she doesn’t look particularly shocked,” the expert says.

James also says Beyonce’s body language could be a sign of her trust for Jay Z. 

“Beyonce is sure that her husband won’t react which is why she is comfortable not to intervene,” she says. “He behaves like a gentleman, only grabbing Solange’s foot in order to protect himself from her kicks.

“However, it is extremely strange that Beyonce makes such a little attempt to calm down her sister despite the volatile nature of the situation with two large men in the small lift,” James adds. “Half-way through the clip, the singer does stand in between the warring pair, which is probably more to stop her sister getting hurt, rather than to protect Jay Z.”

The body language expert also addressed the trio’s departure from the hotel the night of the incident. 

“It’s important that she glances at Solange and not Jay Z as she leaves the lift which suggests who she is protecting,” James says. “Not to mention the fact that she left in a car with her sister and not her husband.”

To view video of the footage, click here

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