Prior to beginning his prison sentence roughly five years ago, Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie says he used to take part in about five shows per week for a total of approximately 20 shows per month. The Trill Entertainment emcee spoke on his hectic touring schedule during a newly-published interview with Vlad TV.

According to Boosie, although he may not currently perform at as many shows per month, he’s worked his way up to selling out arenas.

“Before I was out of jail I was doing maybe five shows a week,” the rapper said. “I was doing probably five shows a week. And this was for years straight. Because, you know, even if I ain’t drop an album for maybe two years I was putting out a mixtape every two months. And that carried me, man…I never needed help with booking a concert. My phone ain’t gon’ never stop ringing when it comes to concerts cause people wanna see me. You got some artists people love their music, but they don’t care to see them perform. People love to see Boosie perform…Now I sell out arenas. I’m a stadium guy…My last four shows they’ve been 12,000 seats, all of ‘em sold out. I’m just so grateful for that, man.”

Boosie was also questioned about his substantial and dedicated fanbase. He attributed the size and loyalty of his fanbase to the “realness” of his music, and his own dedication when it concerns releasing new music.

“I think it’s based on the realness of my music also,” Boosie said. “When you touch somebody heart it’s bigger than touching somebody feet and making them dance. Because your feet will get tired, but when you touch somebody heart it sticks with them. When you say something that somebody really went through that could touch them and been a main thing in they life, it went with them. And when you not dropping nothing and its problems with your business, you gotta take it into your own hands and put your own music out. You gotta get out there and make mixtapes and get em out there, man.”

Prior to speaking on touring and his fans, Lil Boosie shared a few details about his upcoming album. Although the album is currently untitled, he says it will be released on July 15 and will include guest appearances from 2 Chainz, Jeezy, T.I. , and possibly crooner Trey Songz.

Boosie also plans on releasing a second album in December of this year. He revealed the news of both albums while speaking with XXL magazine in April.

“Right now I think I am gonna drop two albums this year,” he said. “Drop one July 15 and I am gonna try to drop in December also.”

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