When 50 Cent and ScHoolboy Q collaborated, they were also able to get to know one another.

“We chopped it up and really got to know each other that night,” ScHoolboy Q says in an interview with TRACE Urban. “Vibed out. Knocked that record out. That was one of the records that was supposed to be on my album, actually, but it didn’t make the album.”

Q says fans should support 50 Cent as he gears up to release Animal Ambition.

“The album gon’ be out,” he says. “You gotta go get that. That Animal Ambition. 50 back. You gotta support that street music with details. You gotta get that 50 album.”  

In February 2014, Q spoke about the collaboration after 50 Cent announced it would be on Oxymoron.

“Yeah, man. Damn, man. I’m embarrassed for the nigga,” ScHoolboy Q said at the time. “Like he’s not on my album…We cut a record, but I mean and plus he support me. Maybe he just wanted to support. You know what I mean?

“It’s a song,” he added. “Like two. It didn’t make the album…See, I don’t wanna make this whole thing—’Cause 50 may have a camera set up at my mama’s house like ‘Nigga, yo mama fat.’ You know what I’m saying? You know, 50 be going in, so I can’t go like—it’s nothing like that. It just didn’t make it. I honestly, I swear to you, I wish 50 Cent was on my album. That was one artist, him and E-40. It’s two people that I wish I put on my album…It’s just so many records that I have. I have to pick and choose and I felt that it didn’t fit as good as the other records I had.” 

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