Eminem is scheduled to perform in London’s Wembley Stadium July 11. 

The rapper announced the performance on BBC Radio 1, according to NME.

“I know Wembley Stadium’s huge,” Eminem says on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 program.

Em also said he prefers one-off shows over full tours. 

“I’m not saying I’ll never be ready for that again,” he says, “but right now, this is what’s working for me.” 

The Michigan rapper also spoke about incorporating live instruments in his stage show. 

“It’s definitely better,” he says. “It definitely brings a whole new element to it…There’s a whole different energy. It’s louder. It’s more in your face. It’s more explosive.” 

Eminem is prepping work with Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf and Total Slaughter, his Battle Rap league.

“We’re trying to take the best of the best and put them up against each other,” he says.

Eminem recently also announced a three city tour with Rihanna, titled “The Monster Tour.” 

(May 6, 2014)

UPDATE: According to USA Today, Eminem is set to be the first rapper to headline London’s Wembley Stadium. Wembley Stadium has capacity for 90,000, according to the publication. 

(May 6, 2014) 

UPDATE #2: Eminem is set to be joined by Odd Future at this event, according to Eminem’s Instagram account. 

“My special guests at Wembley will include [Tyler, the Creator] and Odd Future. But not [Earl Sweatshirt] I guest,” Eminem says in a post. The video features Tyler making the announcement and Sweatshirt saying he won’t be present for the show. “I’ve got business,” Sweatshirt says. 

The Instagram clip is below. 

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