On “Freebase,” a record featured on the newly-released mixtape of the same name,” Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz speaks on selling drugs to his “loved ones.” And although the Southern wordsmith does address his drug dealing past on the song, he says it’s a topic that he still finds hard to speak on.

During a newly-published interview with MTV, 2 Chainz was questioned about a handful of tracks featured on his new project. While speaking on “Freebase,” Chainz commented on the difficulty he has when it concerns certain content and also touched on his fans’ desire for “mainstream, ratchet music” from him.

“That’s gon’ probably always be hard for me to talk about,” he said. “It’s so much stuff that people don’t know about me. You know what I mean? As far as the fans. That I probably started dipping into with these last couple of albums and the concept with these last couple of albums I’m putting out. Like I say coming from the mixtape era you learn what people want from you. And people accept really mainstream, ratchet music from me. As far as my fanbase. They like to go party. They like to go turn up. But it is—music has always been therapeutic to me. And it’s a therapeutic side for me. It’s a place where I—Cause I don’t write diaries. I don’t write, period. It’s a place where I can go get things off my chest. Every now and then they just raps. Just raps. Just putting words together and showing that you have the ability to come up with certain cadences. And then you have them certain songs that just kinda dig in. Touch a few buttons that deal with the reality of where you come from.”

2 Chainz later spoke on the death of his father who passed away in July 2012. The Def Jam rapper says he’s still coping with the loss, and added that there’s been several moments in his career when he could have benefitted from having his father by his side.

“It’s just like so much is happening that I really need him here for,” 2 Chainz said. “I don’t have any brothers or sisters. And I don’t have any best friends. You know what I mean? And so, I really would tell dude stuff. You know what I mean? And he would tell me stuff. And for a long time he didn’t consider me a man. For a very long time because I—when I came up by him being gone and he was one of those people that didn’t feel like a woman could raise a man. As far as my mom. So, I used to talk to my father a lot through the phone…My whole upbringing was just a little different and that was my homie. I’ll never forget when he passed. I’ll never forget the last words he said to me. I’ll never forget none of that.”

2 Chainz’ Freebase mixtape was released yesterday (May 5) and serves as the Playaz Circle rapper’s first mixtape release in almost three years. The seven-track project consists of production and guest appearances from a number of Hip Hop acts including Rick Ross, A$AP Rocky, and Mike WiLL Made It.

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