Producer Dun Deal says the best advice he’s ever gotten came from Dr. Dre.
“Consistency can beat out talent,” Dun Deal says in an interview with XXL. “That was the best advice I’ve ever gotten. I was in California five, six years ago, and it wasn’t, like, directed at me, but I was around Dr. Dre and he had said that to somebody. And I just took it and ran with it.” 
Dun Deal spoke with HipHopDX in April.
At the time, Deal spoke about his work with Young Thug.

“He dumbed it down,” Dun Deal said of Young Thug’s work. “’Cause usually Thug likes to be intricate with songs. I mean this was still an intricate song, but I think the fact that he likes to go all over the place and I made a beat that was all over the place, so it kind of suits him.” 

During that interview, Deal also said he’s working on a mixtape that will include rappers from different parts of the country. 

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