Eminem and Kanye West are among the artists who have been named by Pepsi Pulse as “Hip Hop’s Greatest Music Video Artists.”

Who can forget The Notorious B.I.G.’s $1 million video for ‘Hypnotize,’ or the Beastie Boys’ campy sci-fi-style visuals for ‘Intergalactic?” the Pepsi Pulse story says. “Music videos not only help artists perfect their craft, but also help them fully deliver their vision to fans.”

The article cites Busta Rhymes’ animated style as one of the reasons why his videos resonate. “The Dungeon Dragon is the master of the platform in Hip Hop,” the story says. “The concepts behind his videos are executed to perfection, whether it’s the Coming to America-themed ‘Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See,’ the animated world in ‘Gimme Some More,’ or the futuristic, Terminator 2-style visuals of ‘What’s it Gonna Be.’” 

To see the full article, please visit Pepsi Pulse.

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