TMZ has released another video featuring former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight. In this particular interview, Knight, who spoke on Puff Daddy and Tupac Shakur in a video published last week, addressed his alleged ex’s upcoming book.

Titled My Life With the Knight: The Woman Behind the Most Feared Man in Hip Hop, the book is penned by Stormey Ramdhan, a woman who claims she was in a relationship with Knight. But according to the music mogul, he was in no such relationship with Ramdhan.

“That’s not my ex,” Knight said. “That wasn’t my fiancée. That wasn’t nothing. I went to the penitentiary in ’96. And both of my—I got a beautiful daughter named Bailei. I got another daughter named Taz-Marie. And both of their mothers came and visited me in the five years [to] make sure I was straight. Not knocking the next mothafucka, but don’t lie. They wasn’t there. I mean, it wasn’t no relationship or nothing like that. And at the same time, my youngest son is four-years-old. So, obviously, you know I couldn’t have been with this person, that person. I never had a fiancée. Never been engaged or none of that marriage shit.”

Knight then went on to express his love for his children, two of which he reportedly has with Ramdhan, but criticized those who try “to eat” off of their relationship with another person.

“At the end of the day, a lot of people do stuff to try to sell their product,” he said. “And I think it’s fucked up to try and use the next mothafucka to eat…I never been engaged, but at the same time I respect my kids. I love all my kids, but at the same time this woman have not been with me in the last two years, last year. I ain’t seen ‘em since ’96 or whatever, right? But at the same time, like I said before I got a son who’s an incredible son…But at the same time, this the same people who changed my son’s name from my name to another name because of they felt what they wanted to do.”

According to TMZ, Knight plans on sending Ramdhan a cease and desist letter, which he hopes will block the release of her book.

During an interview with TMZ published last week, Knight shared his belief that the late Tupac Shakur is alive “on an island somewhere.” He also offered a few choice words for Puff Daddy during his conversation with TMZ.

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