Meek Mill says he lost the civil-suit he filed against Philadelphia police.

“I’m not surprised…Just let me move away from here …I just wanna get this money..And take care of my family! I sued they said I’m wrong,” Meek says in a Twitter update. 

As reported yesterday (May 1), Meek testified against police officials in the city of Philadelphia over what he feels was an improper arrest based on race. “In neighborhoods like where I come from, four Black males in a car, … we’re always being asked to be searched,” Meek Mill testified. “All I was doing that night was going to work and doing what I had to do.”

Mill was suing Philadelphia over the 2012 incident in which he says he was pulled over and told that law enforcement officials smelled marijuana in his car. They searched his vehicle and handcuffed the rapper for refusing a search of his automobile. No drugs were found in the car after a search was conducted. Mill has said the incident cost him money and that it affected his career negatively. 

Mill is gearing up for the release of his sophomore album, Dreams Worth More Than Moneywhich is scheduled to be released this year. 

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