HipHopDX users were recently asked to rate the week’s top charting Hip Hop albums based on beats. 

The Ranker list, which HipHopDX uses to assess reader responses below, calculates the votes based on a “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” system it creates a list with the data users input. Ranker lists the albums from top to bottom, based on the total number of votes and regardless of how many thumbs up a particular album gets. The order of the albums featured on the lists fluctuates as votes are cast. 

YG’s My Krazy Life earned the highest placement on the list with 180 thumbs up and 85 thumbs down. The effort earned a 3 out of 5 in its HipHopDX review. “YG showcases simplistic rapping along with the lack of disparity in his production, flaws that somewhat weaken his introspective, firsthand account mobbing with the Tree Top Pirus in the famed jungle of Compton,” HipHopDX says in its review. 

DJ Mustard, an executive producer on My Krazy Life, spoke about how he views the album recently. “Like [Dr. Dre’s] The Chronic, really,” Mustard said in March. “For sure. It’s like our generation of The Chronic, you know what I’m saying? This is Snoop [Dogg] and [Dr.] Dre all over again.”

An anonymous reader commented on DJ Mustard’s contributions to My Krazy Life. “Mustard is consistently good,” the user said.

Another anonymous user disagrees. “Mustard’s beats all have the same 3-4 chords and using a different tone/instrument doesn’t make it different. Also, that song you mentioned is terrible and doesn’t promote loving and caring, it does the opposite,” the anonymous poster said in the comments section of the Sales story. 

Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2, which was voted last week’s most lyrical album, earned the second-highest placement on this week’s list with 169 thumbs up and 80 thumbs down. Rick Ross’ Mastermind earned 133 thumbs up and 103 thumbs down. Meanwhile, Pharrell’s G I R L earned 92 thumbs up and 94 thumbs down and Beyonce’s self titled album earned 75 thumbs up and 114 thumbs down. 

Readers can respond to this week’s question by going to this week’s Album Sales report

The results for the “best beats” question are as follows: 

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