Lil Boosie says he nearly died multiple times from drinking lean.

“[Lean has] fucked up a lot of rappers and the culture of Hip Hop,” Boosie says, according to TMZ.

Boosie’s quote was in response to a TMZ report regarding Actavis, which says it is stopping its production of cough syrup due to it being used to make lean. 

Boosie has reportedly stopped using lean. He spent five years in prison, earning an extended sentence due to an attempt to smuggle codeine syrup into prison. 

“Once you on, it’s hard to get off,” Boosie says. “It’s damn near impossible.”

Boosie is set to release two albums this year, he said in a report earlier this week. 

“Right now I think I am gonna drop two albums this year,” he said. “Drop one July 15 and I am gonna try to drop in December also.”

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