Braced for problems she is sure will soon come, ODB’s wife is preparing for an all out battle over his estate. Although ODB also known as Russell Jones has no written will, it has been reported for years that ODB fathered more than 12 or 13 kids. “For the record, he only has three children”, Icelene Jones his wife of 13 years said to the NY Post. “Nothing else was ever proven. There were never any blood tests or his signing any birth certificates. He has three children that we know that are his by his wife only-by me. People will try to sue me”.

Though reports have been said that ODB collapsed in the studio, according to his son Barson those reports aren’t accurate. “He was complaining about his chest hurting, and he was sitting on the floor, and he asked someone to help him get up and go to the couch. He said he wanted some water, but it wasn’t cold enough. He went to sleep and never woke back up”. A wake and funeral will be at the Christian Cultural Center on Flatlands Avenue in Brooklyn, NY on Thursday.