Lil Boosie is set to release his next studio album July 15, according to Complex.

“It’s a classic,” he says. “I ain’t wanna come home and play with the mixtape game, I wanted to come home and hit ’em hard, get that machine behind it, be successful and show the world.”

The project does not have a title, but Boosie says he’s written 1,000 songs for the set.

Boosie is also set to work with a variety of rappers for the project, including 2 Chainz, Jeezy and T.I. 

In March, Boosie addressed some of his collaborations.

“I’ve been in the studio every night, all night,” Boosie said at the time. “Except first night I came home. So, man, I’m ‘bout 35 percent finished with my album already. And we working, man. Every night, every day. From five in the evening to five in the morning. That’s where I’m at…I sent T.I. a record last night. T.I. got on it. I sent 2 Chainz a record last night. 2 Chainz got on it…We gon’ put Justin Bieber on the album.” 

The album is reportedly close to being finalized. Sample clearances and additional features are delaying the effort, he says.

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