Rolling Stone has published “Oh Snap! 20 Landmark Paparazzi Moments,” a list the publication says details “The biggest breakups and beatdowns from the front lines of celebrity documentation.” 

A photo of Kanye West appears of the list.

“Note to photographers: Do not step to Kanye West, especially when he’s at the airport,” Rolling Stone says of the photo it names “Kanye West Flies the Unfriendly Skies.” “In 2013, ‘Ye had two separate incidents with paparazzi at LAX, and though he managed to avoid any serious legal trouble, he definitely let it be known that he wouldn’t be a willing subject. And, hey, at least he’s got some new material for those onstage rants.”

A photo featuring Tupac also made Rolling Stone’s list.

“There are plenty of Tupac Shakur photos that capture the iconic outlaw at his most defiant,” Rolling Stone says of the photo it labels as “Tupac Tells Photogs ‘You’re Number One.’” “As an artist, Shakur was fearless, and his photos bristle with that same electric aggression: Whether he was spitting at photographers, or merely flipping them the bird, he always brought the fight to the people. After his death in 1996, he left behind volumes of unreleased music, but it’s moments like this one that sum him up best.”

To see the full story and view the photos, visit Rolling Stone.

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