Just Blaze has tweeted about Chauncey Mahan, a producer and engineer who worked with Jay Z from 1998 and 2002 was in possession of a number of Jay Z master recordings that Jigga and his associates assumed were lost. It was reported today (April 21) that Mahan was trying to allegedly extort Jay Z and his representatives regarding the master recordings.

Mahan allegedly contacted Live Nation, with whom Jay Z has a partnership for Roc Nation, regarding the recordings, according to TMZ. He allegedly planned to put the tapes up for auction or return them to Live Nation for a $100,000 “storage fee,” TMZ says.

When Mahan went to meet with Jay Z’s representatives Friday, he was met by the LAPD. He was detained, brought in for questioning and provided the LAPD with the recordings until a judge determines ownership of the recordings. 

Today (April 21), Just Blaze tweeted about Mahan. His tweets are as follows:

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