Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ recently took issue with a news story previously titled “Joey Bad$$ Wants To Channel The Energy Of Nas, Jay-Z And Big L On New Album,” and expressed his frustration via Twitter today (April 21). caught up with the rapper last week at the WAT-AAH! pop-up concert to speak with him about his upcoming debut album, B4.DA.$$ (Before The Money), for an interview that would later be criticized by Joey.

During Joey’s conversation with, he revealed that he’s recorded in the same booth as rappers like Nas and Jay Z and could feel the energy in the room.

“Just going to the studio, being in the same booth that like Nas spit Illmatic, Jay spit Reasonable Doubt, Big L spit Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous, all that. It was just amazing and I felt all of that energy just being in that room so I know that whatever I was spitting had to be fire,” Joey said.

With Joey’s distress over’s initial title and the use of his quote, the publication has since changed the title of its article on the New York City wordsmith to “Joey Bada$$ Recorded His New Album In The Same Studio As Nas, Jay Z And Big L.”

In addition to speaking on his upcoming album, Joey also spoke with about the late Capital STEEZ, an artist he says has influenced him the most.

“My brother STEEZ, rest in peace, he influenced me the most because I actually grew up with this man, you know?” he said. “Like we were together every day. You know like this is my ace, my right hand man.”

Joey Bada$$’ debut album is currently scheduled for release this fall and according to the Pro Era rapper, the album will consist of “pure greatness.”

“Definitely a few surprises,” he said, during an interview Topman magazine published this month. “But you can just expect pure greatness, you know, I’m really putting my all into this.”

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