Cam’ron says his First of the Month EP series is set to begin June 3.

“The First of the Month project that you’re referring to, the first EP and series comes out June third,” Cam’ron says in an interview with Hip-Hop Wired. “We just did a digital deal with a company called Empire, so it’ll be released digitally. Five songs per month for six months starting June third and a 30-minute episode.”

Cam’ron says he has another project on the way, as well.

“As for as the A-Trak project, it’s pretty much done,” Cam says. “But we don’t have a date for it.”

Cam’ron announced his First of the Month series in an interview with Acclaim. 

“That’s just one thing that’s next,” Cam’ron said at the time. “Me and Dame have been working. I got back with Dame and it’s a pleasure. That’s my big brother. We just put out the Diplomat clothing line which has been great. We got a project called Federal Reserve with A-Trak that he put together. He’s working with Smoke DZA and I’m helping him out with that. We’re going to do a project eventually. We got a fur line coming. We got a lot of stuff going on.” 

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