Snoop Dogg recently spoke about being a narrator on Call of Duty: Ghosts, a video game that prominently features the rapper’s voice by way of an upcoming downloadable Snoop Dogg voiceover pack. 

“What interested me most about the project is that my voice could be connected with a game that’s so hip, that’s so hood.” Snoop says in an announcement clip which was published on the official Call of Duty YouTube channel. “It says a lot. It’s associated with greatness. It’s the coolest game in the hood. All my homies play this game.”

The Long Beach, California emcee has various quotes in the game, including “Rack up points by reaching the enemy portal, you dig?” and “Don’t stop. Cap ’em and shank ’em,” according to The Verge.

“I think the writers did a good job on creating the lines specifically for me,” Snoop says. “They knew my flavor and they allowed me to do my thing and put a little Snoop-ism on top of it.”

Users can purchase the Snoop Dogg voiceover pack for $2.99. The pack is set to be available for Xbox One and Xbox 360 April 22. Other downloadable items are also set to accompany the pack, according to The Verge, including a Blunt Force Personalization Pack. 

Snoop Dogg has worked with video games in various capacities throughout his career. In March 2013, Snoop announced his Way of the Dogg video game

“Everyone knows that Snoop is down with the biggest and best video games, whether it’s droppin’ my hits on the soundtrack or showing the world I can go toe-to-toe with the best fighters on the street, butWay of the Dogg is the first true gamification of my music,” said Snoop in a press release. “It’s the way you live, it’s the way you do what you do and captures the beat, the rhythm and the spirit of my music. It’s not just about who you are or where you’ve been but where you are headed to. This game shows how we evolve as individuals and they’ve incorporated the journey of my own personal reincarnation as Snoop Lion into my character, the environments and the path that players have to follow.”

Activision’s Call of Duty has also worked with rappers before. In November 2013, the game announced a partnership with Eminem. “We know from our own research that our fans have a really strong affinity for Eminem [and] there’s a lot of overlap there,” Activision’s chief marketing officer Tim Ellis said at the time. “Aligning the two brands is something we think will continue to serve us well into the future.” 

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